My Life Story

My life journey begun on Monday the 25th June 1984.

  I was born in town called Frýdek – Místek in the Czech Republic and until I was 22 I lived in a small village called Pazderna.

 As in anybody else’s life, there has been many ups and many downs along the way, but I can proudly say that everything I’ve experienced has been true blessing as it’s made me the person I am today.

 I learnt to accept, appreciate and embrace who I am and where I am on my life journey. I learnt to forgive not only others but myself too. Sometimes we all can be a little bit hard on ourselves, and believe me that it isn’t necessary.

  I learnt that we all have purpose on our life journey, and that our homework is to learn and grow.

 I studied Hairdressing and Beauty, and I was blessed to to be born to parents who supported me in developing my dreams and what I wanted to do.

  My studies went really well and I passed both exams with credit.

When I was a teenager, I had my time, and so I lived in the moment.

I enjoyed partying till early mornings, going out drinking with friends and attending balls in the area.

But at the same time I kept myself very active by cycling nearly every day, playing volleyball and walking a lot.

 When I finished my studies soon after that I moved to England.

  I was scared as I didn’t speak any English but my ex-partner was the support I needed at the time.

  Having typical European attitude and being the person that speaks out loud before she thinks, I struggled to settle into the English culture. But after 3 years, when my English improved and I started understanding and speaking more, and mainly accepting that this is where I was at the time, I started fitting in.

And so from original plan to stay in the UK for 1 or 2 years, it was 10 years in September 2017 since I came.

“Sometimes plans don’t work out the way we want them to. But they will always work out the way they meant to. “

   Living in the UK gave me more than another language to speak, or knowledge about different culture.

I learnt more about myself and who I am as an individual.

Living here also helped me to understand how different we are and that there is no right or wrong. We all just have different beliefs, knowledge and understanding of the world and people around us.

And that is OK!

  Ever since I’ve come to the UK I worked in the catering industry. Being a people person and having passion for serving people, I always enjoyed working in different hotels, restaurants and pubs.

You meet some interesting people such as Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan and others…

Before I came to the UK my dream was to become a hairdresser in this country.

And it was a lovely surprise, when after a few years of working in salons as a hairdresser, I set up my own Hairstyling and Makeup business focusing on Wedding Hairstyling and Makeup.

  This adventure took me places I’ve never dreamt about.

From hairstyling and makeup for brides and their bridal parties, I started getting involved in photoshoots, films and other projects.

One of the most delightful experiences was styling hair and makeup for Princess of Jugoslávia and Serbia Katarina in 2014 year.

 Being involved in Photoshoots also brought me opportunities to start doing a little bit of modelling.

And from there and then, my personal growth and my interest in psychology and people, begun to take its place.

  Today I can proudly say that I live my life to its fullest every day.

No matter whether I am waitressing, supervising or styling hair and makeup, or modeling or helping people overcome their life challenges.

I found enjoyment in everything I get involved in, wherever I am and whoever appears to be around me.

 I also love meeting people. And yet we will never get on with everybody, that is life and the beauty of each one of us being so different.

 And so here I am today. Setting up the MV  to not only share my story but mainly to make YOU aware of your own life journey.

Life itself is a journey and we are here to experience it, learn about it and enjoy it.

Yet there’s not everything in place yet, we want to take you on a journey with us from day one. From laying this first brick at the time.

Life is not perfect and it would be pretty boring if it was so let’s make a difference together, not tomorrow or next month or maybe next year.

The time is now. For Us, for Me and for YOU….

 “Live your life to its fullest every day. No matter where you are or what you do and whos around you, we all have only that precious moment to experience and live once. “

Monika Vrublová © 2019