Facing the truth is the only way You can move forward

Dealing with bad memories, fears, anxiety and any negative feelings and emotions can be very challenging!

During your personalised True Time Session (TTS) I will help you to let go of what’s holding you back from living a happier and more fulfilling life..

How True Times works

“TTS helps you to accept the past, feel excited about your future, whilst living fully in the present moment.”



Time is precious! And we live our lives according to time every day! During Your Personalised TTS we allow the time to stop! We allow you to have as much time as You need, to reflect on yourself and your true feelings and emotions you may have been holding onto for years. This is your life story and so there is only you who knows how you really feel. Let’s use the TTS time to help you let go of what might be holding you back from living that happy and fulfilling life you deserve.



At times we might get disappointed when someone shares something that might be very personal to us. TTS is 100% Confidential! This is your life story and I accept it and understand it. The time we spend together and what you share, will always stay between the two of us! That is a promise I give You! There is no need to worry or pretend to be someone you are not. You are allowed to be yourself, as open and honest as you feel like being. TTS is based on trust! And I am here to support you, guide you and help you move towards finding real peace and enjoyment on your life journey.



In order to find the key to unlock your fullest potential without worrying about the past, or thinking too much about the future, one has to start looking for it first. Once you decide that you no longer want anger, anxiety, any negative feelings or fear to run your life then you are one step closer towards achieving that great life you’ve always been wishing for. So why not make your Wish Come True? Let go of the past, it cannot be changed! All it did was to teach you some lessons. Stop worrying about the future! It has not come yet. And when it does, make the most of every single moment of it. And last but not least, live your life to its fullest potential right Now right Here where you are.There is nothing more important than that.

It’s never to late to start living life to the fullest of your potential.

Phone Call TTS

Would you prefer to stay anonymous during your TTS? Then this option is perfect for You. Simple and straightforward, this session will be held over the phone whilst your identity will stay 100% confidential

Normally £188 NOW £88

Skype Call TTS

Receive your TTS through a Face to Face Skype Call. Any time, anywhere, just connect to the internet and I will call you at the arranged day and time. During this TTS we will be able to get to know each other more personally which will help me to get a deeper understanding of who you are as a person. This will help with addressing where the issue or a challenge may lie.

Normally £288 NOW £88

Personal TTS on Location

Calm, relaxing and safe environment is one of the biggest benefits of this TTS package. There is nothing more important, whilst working on ourselves and our life challenges, then change of the environment.
This TTS package is the most effective session you can choose. Not only you will get out of the known environment but you will be able to learn and try out all the tips and tricks that will help to get positive results soon.
Get out of your comfort zone, that bubble or box, you got stuck in, and experience a life changing session that will move you forward from day one.

Normally £488 NOW £288 / 120 min
(UK only, International Session Available on request)

Normally £188 NOW £88

Normally £288 NOW £88

Normally £488 NOW £288 / 120 min
(UK only, International Session Available on request)

Hard times in our life may become treasures for our future


All those challenging experiences we face throughout our life journey help us to grow and learn. When I was going through a few tough challenges I made a conscious decision not to allow anyone else or any fears, anxiety, stress, or anything else to stop me from living my own life feeling happy, grateful and fulfilled on daily basis. And that is exactly what I can help you to achieve too…

Ready for your True Time session?

Unleash your fullest potential to live your life filled with happiness and true fulfillment every day. Let go of what is holding you back, get excited about your future and most of all, live your life in this precious present moment.


What do my clients say?

“Over the years Monika has helped me to come to terms with a number of business and personals issues, using the softer coaching and mentoring skills that she posses but with plenty of reasoning and common sense. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others whom may be seeking support.”

Mr J

Did you feel that you could be completely honest about any subject that was discussed during your TTS? Were you completely honest?
“Yes I was totally honest. I’ve learned that being honest about myself keeps me safe and sober.”

Did you feel that your opinions, concerns and feelings were taken on board and understood?
“Yes you definitely listened to what I had to say and gave me great advice that kept me going in my sobriety until I got to rehab.”

Did you feel comfortable with the questions you were asked?
“At times I felt worried about answering the questions that you asked but only because I was worried you may judge me from my answers but I was completely honest and realised very quickly you would not judge me.”

Were the suggestions about changes in your daily routines useful?
“Yes they were very useful and I implemented them straight away. I needed to make the changes you suggested to break the cycle that I was in.”

Were you aware of your bad habits you’ve created throughout the years?
“I became very aware of the bad habits I had created in my life and knew things had to change.”

Were the suggestion about changing your habits useful?
“Yes they were very useful.”

Did you learn something new during your TTS?
“Yes I learned that doing things differently everyday would break the cycle of my bad habits.”

How was your overall experience?
“My overall experience was very positive and useful I was very happy that I met up with you. I really appreciate you meeting up with me like you did.”

Mr M

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